“In more than 20 years of working with retirement division specialists as a former family law attorney and now full-time divorce mediator, I have found none to more consistently meet my clients’ needs in such a responsive and cost-efficient way, than does Tom Toxby and his staff.  I especially appreciate Tom’s accessibility to me as a professional trying to understand, outline and author client agreements on often-times complex retirement related issues.  Additionally, Tom has a willingness to help mediation clients and couples discuss and implement shared goals in a collaborative fashion – a rare and sorely needed role.  I enthusiastically recommend Tom for his knowledge, expertise and consummate professionalism!”Lawrence F. King, J.D., Colorado Professional Mediator
“I have had my clients work with Tom Toxby on several occasions. I have also called him for general information regarding QDROs. I have found that Tom is always willing to help, and is extremely knowledgeable about what can be a very complicated area in domestic relations. Clients find Tom very patient and easy to understand, while still maintaining a high level of professionalism. They have expressed a great deal of confidence in his abilities. They appreciate how quickly Tom addresses the issue, and his desire to get them to final resolution so that they can move forward.”Carrie Clein, Esq., Harrington, Brewster & Clein, P.C.
“Thomas Toxby not only brings an extremely qualified skill set to the table, his willingness to work with clients so that they understand the nuances of their particular retirement plan is unsurpassed by anyone else. In addition, I have seen him, over and over again, go the extra mile to work through any issue the pension plan throws at the participant or the alternate payee. His insight, attention to detail and willingness to work until which time the QDRO is approved and entered by the Court, has been invaluable. I recommend him, not just for the service that he provides, but also for the assurance that there will be no exposure, down the road, to the QDRO not being accurately completed.”Natalie Nelson, MBA, CDFA, CFP - MediatorBoulder, Colorado
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