QDRO Service Fees

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO):

Defined Contribution Plan (401(k), 457, 403(b), Profit Sharing, etc) $700
Defined Benefit Plan (Pension Plans, Cash Balance Plans) $700
IRA Domestic Relations Order (Most IRA Custodians do not require a DRO) $700

Federal Retirement System:

Federal Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) $500
CSRS and FERS $700
Tier II Railroad Retirement Benefits $700

State Plans:

Public Employee Plans $700
Teacher’s and University Retirement Systems $700
City and County Employee Plans $700
Colorado PERA/Fire & Police Pension Association of Colorado (FPPA) $500

* We will discount our total fee for multiple QDROs for the same case.

Multiple QDRO Discount

  • 2nd QDRO for same case is $500
    (i.e. Pension QDRO and 401(k) QDRO would total $1,200)
  • 3rd QDRO and each additional QDRO is $400
    (i.e. Two Pension QDROs and a 401(k) QDRO would total $1,600)

Please contact us with any questions regarding our fees.

*Please note, we require full payment upfront in order to begin work.

*Our services include drafting the QDRO, copying all parties and respective counsel on the draft QDRO(s), overseeing the pre-approval process with the Plan Administrator (when offered by the Plan Administrator) and making any revisions that may be required to the QDRO to achieve acceptance from the Retirement Plan Administrator. Our fees include all mailing costs and all communications with the parties and/or their attorneys.

*Once approved by the Plan, you or your attorney will be responsible for filing the QDRO with the Court and submitting the Court-Certified QDRO to the Retirement Plan for implementation. We provide a letter of instruction for filing the QDRO, but as we are not attorneys, we cannot file the QDRO on the parties’ behalf.

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