QDRO Specialists of Colorado

QDRO Specialists of Colorado was formed to answer the growing need for sophistication when dealing with retirement plans during the divorce process. Our mission is to provide fair and balanced QDRO and division order drafting, incorporating the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.

Our President, Thomas H. Toxby, has been a retirement plan expert and financial advisor for his entire career, most recently with pension giant TIAA-CREF, where Mr. Toxby, as a Plan Administrator, assisted hundreds of attorneys and participants in drafting, editing and preparing QDROs to be in compliance with over 15,000 retirement plans held at the company.

Mr. Toxby witnessed firsthand how poorly drafted division orders affected attorneys and individuals adversely, leading to extra time and costs and sometimes leading to a nullification of awarded benefits for the alternate payee. He also saw aggressive QDROs that clearly took advantage of one party over another, thwarting the equitable intent of the division process. Mr. Toxby started this company because he knew there was a better way to approach division orders, based on a foundation of equitability, openness and transparency of the process which results in less miscommunication and a less adversarial QDRO process for the parties.

Mr. Toxby was a NASD Registered Representative and licensed Variable Products/Annuity insurance producer, prior to founding this company in 2004, and he has advised thousands of individuals on retirement planning during his career. Mr. Toxby teaches Continuing Legal Education (CLE) classes for the Family Law community in Colorado on QDROs and other division orders and has given seminars to Professional Associations and the public on these topics as well.

We look forward to assisting you during this difficult part of your life by being clear, professional and accessible when you retain our QDRO services.

Thomas H. Toxby
President, QDRO Specialists of Colorado

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