Toxby & Associates, Inc. was founded in 2004 and we are QDRO Specialists, providing Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) drafting services, as well as the drafting of Court Orders for the division of Federal retirement plans (CSRS, FERS & TSP), Military Retired Pay and other non-ERISA retirement plans. We offer quick turnaround, personal service and total satisfaction when you retain us for our drafting services. Our President, Thomas Toxby, is a Retirement Plan Expert and former retirement Plan Administrator who has spent years dealing with QDROs and retirement plans and has a deep knowledge of the process to provide you guaranteed approval from the retirement Plan Administrator.

Some of our advantages:

● We are a dedicated QDRO Specialist company that only drafts QDROs and retirement division Orders. We specialize in making the QDRO process as smooth and efficient for all concerned. We take a complicated process and make it easy for our clients because of our detailed knowledge and experience with QDROs and retirement Plan Administrators. We have drafted QDROs and other types of retirement division Orders for thousands of different retirement plans since our inception in 2004.

● We offer a complete solution to the entire process for a flat fee, there are no extra or hidden charges, we will draft the Order and oversee the pre-approval review process with the Plan Administrator until the QDRO is approved by the retirement Plan Administrator.

Personalized service, you may contact us at anytime to discuss your case, we return calls and e-mails promptly. If you are the individual/Alternate Payee receiving a portion of the retirement plan, we also advise you on the mechanics and benefit options available from the specific retirement plan you are being awarded, so that you fully understand the asset you are receiving.

Quick turnaround, we will have your Qualified Domestic Relations Order or division Order drafted shortly after receiving your information. As Retirement Plan Experts, our services provide that you will be securing all the proper benefit options, beneficiary designations and survivor benefits as provided by the specific retirement plan.

Fair and balanced, our Orders secure the all rights and entitlements available under the retirement plan and as agreed to in your Separation or Property Settlement Agreement. Since we operate as a neutral QDRO expert, both Participants and Alternate Payees receive fair and equitable treatment in our Orders.

Qualifed Domestic Relations Order Overview

QDRO Testimonials

         "My lawyer referred me to Toxby & Associates. I was relieved that

          Toxby & Associates are very familiar with airline retirement plans, in particular

          pilot retirement plans. They were very accessible, pleasant, and answered

          all of my calls and questions. They produced my QDRO's accurately and expeditiously.

          I would highly recommend them to my airline colleagues."

                 Captain Bruce R.

                 Denver, CO

         "Working with Tom Toxby and his staff has made what was a completely mysterious

          and complicated process clear and simple. Even other professionals, mediators, lawyers

          and financial advisers, were unable to cut through the red tape and just 'make it happen'

          the way Toxby and Associates could. They are responsive, fast and personable. At no

         point do you feel like a number or as if you are dealing with anyone but real folks

         who are committed to smoothing this rough road for you at a very reasonable price.

          I can't recommend them highly enough."

                  Greg M.

                  Denver, CO

         " I cannot recommend Toxby & Associates highly enough. They are without a doubt

          one of the few companies I have come across that do EXACTLY what they claim!

          They are fast, knowledgeable, exceptionally helpful, and a wonder to deal with. My

          wife and I have an amicable divorce made difficult by everyone except Toxby &

         Associates. Worth every penny, and the best way to get your QDRO done right."

                 Michael K.

                 Philadelphia, PA

         "I had no idea where I would start in having a QDRO drafted.  Even my lawyer

          didn't have a clue about this complicated matter!  I took a look around the internet,

          and found Mr. Toxby's website.  I examined his website and gave him a call.  Mr. Toxby

          was extremely knowledgeable and accessible.  He was friendly and always patient

          with my many, many questions spanning over the long duration of this process. He

          really seems to care about his clients. His work is always extremely thorough and

          professional.  Tom saved us money by completing the QDRO Retirement Plan research,

          instead of our lawyer having to do research and leg-work at a pricey hourly wage. I 

          have come to trust Mr. Toxby with this subject matter and would recommend his

          services to my own family and friends.  He made a potentially stressful time for me

          virtually carefree, because I knew I could rely on Tom's expertise."

                  Nancy P.

                  Elkton, MD

         "Thank you so much for your work on my QDROs. You were a life saver when I   

           needed one and were wonderful to work with."

                  Stephanie M.

                  Canton, GA                           

         "As participants in a friendly divorce, we were able to handle most of the paperwork        

          without an attorney or paralegal, but we found the QDRO much more difficult.    

          Thomas helped keep our divorce friendly by working out an equitable QDRO. In  

          addition, he was unfailingly kind and helpful in answering questions before, during,   

          and even after the completion of the QDRO."
                  Maryann B.                   Joel B.
                  Sarasota, FL          Kalamazoo, MI


           "I was in urgent need of a QDRO and contacted Tom for information.  For this type of 

            work I expected to leave a message with his secretary but instead had all my 

            questions answered right then.  He turned it around quick - sooner than I expected

            for this type of document and I was thankful as it set me at ease and didn't hold up

            my divorce proceedings.  Because of Tom's knowledgeable help and speed of  

            service, I was able to complete my final divorce decree on schedule."

                    Karen L.

                    Denver, CO

Call or e-mail us today to discuss your particular situation or to answer any questions you may have regarding QDROs and division orders. You will not be charged until you formally retain our services, so feel free to contact us!

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