Complete Solution

We offer a complete solution to the QDRO process; we draft the QDRO and then oversee the pre-approval review process with the Retirement Plan Administrator.

Personalized Service

We are available to discuss the specifics of your QDRO, the retirement plan to be divided, and your benefit options.

Quick Turnaround

We will have your Qualified Domestic Relations Order or division Order drafted shortly after receiving the information necessary to begin work.

Fair & Balanced

Since we operate as a neutral QDRO expert, both Participants and Alternate Payees receive fair and equitable treatment in our Orders.


* Thomas Toxby is not an attorney, nor is anyone on his staff. We do not provide legal advice or provide legal services of any kind. We are retirement plan experts and will be happy to discuss the mechanics of the retirement plan(s), the language and provisions of the QDRO, and your distribution options from the retirement plan(s).